Monday, May 2, 2011

Cocktail Time!! is thrilled to announce another exclusive recipe contest! We’re looking for liquid refreshment recipes, or any alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed by those of us 21 years and older! 
Who can Win: ANYONE 21 years and up!
What they have to do: Submit a cocktail recipe, or a recipe for any beverage containing alcohol. Must have at least 10 entries to award prize! 
Contest Date: May 1, 2011-December 1, 2011
Contest Name: Cocktail!
How to submit a Recipe: Click HERE or go to com and click on “Recipe Submissions” 
Winner will receive a prize package including the ingredients used to make the winning recipe! *CHEERS* 

Every 5th Recipe Submission will receive a FREE bonus Pen and Planner!  Check this page often to see the listing of current contestants/winners! 
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